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As a legal service provider, you want to fathom the challenges an organization faces, take stock of the impact decisions have and acquire a clear idea of the stakeholders’ interests, which will allow you to suggest effective, practical solutions very quickly.

Step Up Smart helps you analyse the legal aspects relevant to the business of your organization or that of your client. Moreover, we can advise you on potential management measures, the options that are to be considered and the legal implementation of the selected management measures.

Operational processes are decisive
It is important to dovetail any legal-corporate issue with the operational processes and the processes in the staff departments for a thorough analysis. The ideal method of operation is an overall setup: the work processes are reviewed to assess the legal consequences, restrictive measures and the decision whether to pay attention to it or not. Furthermore, this overall approach is quicker and more convenient if the legal aspects need to be adjusted to accommodate for changes to a method or alterations in the company.

As a specialist on the legal interface between business and risk management, I firmly believe in working efficiently. Accordingly, I assess operational processes and sub-processes in Step Up Smart with the aid of standardised models and systems, which are supported by IT-tools. Like standardised models and systems, IT tools are indispensable for mapping business and sub-processes. Step Up Smart develops legal IT tools together with partners Transform Data International and Neota Logic to make the step to legal business partnering successful. Thanks to the close cooperation, we offer a complete automation project: from idea to implemented application!

Transform Data International
Transform Data International is based in Maastricht and active in the Benelux, Scandinavia and German-speaking countries. The client base includes both large international organizations and small law firms. Some references are Philips, ForFarmers, Terumo, Boels Zanders Advocaten, Halsten, Pact Advocaten, KPMG, TüV, Strukton and Carlsberg.

Under the name Custodian for Legal, Transform Data International offers an Office 365-based Dossier and Legal Project Management solution that is frequently used within legal departments and law firms. More information on

The Neota Logic platform (AI & Expert system) is used by Transform Data International for the rapid development of very user-friendly applications to support document / contract generation, triage, risk assessments, etc. For more information and sample applications, visit www.transformdata. eu / artificial-intelligence-and-cognitive-expert-advisors.

You can find more general information about Transform Data International on

If you would like to know more about Step Up Smart, Jo van IJzeren and my services in legal-corporate analyses, please get in touch so we can discuss it in person. 
Please ring +31 6 12 96 38 93 or send an email to to make an appointment.

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