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The legal linchpin of work processes

As a corporate lawyer or external legal expert, you are not only a troubleshooter in a modern, result-oriented company, you have an active role in the various operational processes. You occupy a position that links the other departments; you create synergy between the world of business and the legal world, help them to accelerate work processes and to reach targets more efficiently.

This new role of legal business partner presents countless challenges, and requires an understanding of the processes within the business and of what the company actually needs, for example. But in your new role in the company, you will also need the skills to assess the legal aspects properly, predict their effect and initiate solutions.

At the heart of the business
I have more than ample experience as a legal counsellor within a large, market-oriented company and am extremely well equipped to know how you, as the legal expert, can grow into the heart of the business and make the company more successful. I am aware that you must be able to give an opinion, not just once, but all the time. As a dedicated trainer/coach, I can show you how you, as a legal business partner, can dovetail legal elements into the company’s needs, how you can gain support within the company and how you can add value with effective work processes.


More involvement, more added value
In your new role of legal business partner, you have a thorough understanding of the company, because you have analysed the processes, identified (potential) risks in advance and are pro-actively involved in solving problems. Accordingly, you can optimise the legal aspects of the company and offer overall solutions for problems while reducing processing times, improving the execution and lowering the company’s (repair) costs.

If you would like to know more about Step Up Smart, Jo van IJzeren and my training and coaching tracks, please get in touch so we can discuss it in person. Please ring +31 6 12 96 38 93 or send an email to to make an appointment.

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